Chasing ice


Some scientists say global warming is just a myth and there is no consensus.  Environmental photographer James Balog recorded the change and move of world’s glaciers by using of time-lapse cameras for some years. He said that these glaciers are architectural and sculptural, and insanely beautiful ice. He continuously looked at how glaciers or landscape were moving at a global scale and he named it Extreme Ice Survey. He put delicate devices on the hardest condition of the planet. So, his survey was not easy at all. Everything they had done was thwarted; birds peck solar-battery devices and so on.

But, his survey was getting better. He finally captured over 2,300 frames within one year, and he said that was the memory of landscape, which had never seen in our civilization.

He emphasizes that we forget we are natural organisms, and we have a deep connection with the nature and we cannot divorce it. According to the date, from 2006 to 2009 the size of glacier became that of two third. 2.5-mile retreat of glacier in 3 years occurred, which is very unimaginable. His struggle is the very at a global scale and spectacular. He made me realize the deep connection between human beings and glaciers. He gave us opportunities to take a look at how glaciers are actually moving, changing, and melting. How they do so looks very beautiful in a sense but this may be just a result of what we have been doing so for in history. His survey is very impressive to me because he succeeded in showing us how glaciers are actually moving. It is not a easy thing to do at all. I felt his passion toward nature and arts. 



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